Keep on Keepin' On!

in fitnation •  3 months ago

A few thoughts on momentum / motivation...

I've been riding a bit of a wave of motivation since the smoke cleared out. It feels pretty good. Managed to crank out a fairly long run on Sunday last weeked, and followed it up with a couple more shorty 5k jaunts! This is more running that I usually do in a week!

It's amazing to me how, once you get going and moving regularly, it starts to become easier and easier to keep exercising, playing, and trying hard.


The way I feel about my @RunBurgundy project isn't any different, I don't think. I've got all these ideas and plans swirling around in my head -- and it's almost relieving to find the time to work on them and get the new project function a little better each day. But that's all it takes -- a little bit, each day, just to keep the flow going. If you follow my feed on a somewhat regular basis -- you've probably seen the above posts that I just linked too -- but my brother and all around badass @jkms is helping me test things out (not to mention cranking out a 10km run 3 days in a row!). Things are functional enough now (almost) to get a few more people in and testing and helping flesh out the cool things that we could add to RB2. It has been a wild ride in learning to code and make django-webapps, but I'm very excited to share things with everyone soon.

Until then -- keep tryin' hard!

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Keep try till you achieve your goals

Its definitely coming together pretty nicely. Trying my best to spread the word as well. Keep up the good work.