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(26 Nov 2018)

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Today was a double session day. First thing in the morning was cardio, twenty minutes of cycle machine. Later on I met up with @colossus39 for a kickboxing session. It was the first one in over a month and I was feeling rusty! However it was great to get back in the groove.

Still shaking off this cold however I'm turning the tables on it.

Later on I went to watch my nephew @brendanwiredu play an U23 match. Even though they lost I thought he played well. I see the makings of a true 'baller. He recently broke into the Charlton first team so obviously the club see something in him too!

I was out of the house most of the day so diet was a bit all over the place but no worries, I'll get back on it tomorrow.

Today's stats

DateWeightCalWorkoutProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fats (g)
MonNovember26221.2225020' Cardio + Kickboxing session8825175

Today's workout

Cycle machine

20min, 300cal

Kickboxing session

60 minutes


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This is a very good post. You have a very good body, you really do routine exercises. It looks like your stamina is also very strong. save it in my friend. I really like it, Have a nice day , I am waiting for the next post. By @good-darma

You have a very good body because you are diligent doing exercise. It looks like your stamina is also very strong. keep it on my friend. Have a nice day.

We should enjoy the game instead of focusing on winner.

Have a good day

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