How do you not stuff your face when you are depressed?

in #fit2 years ago

How do you not stuff your face when you are depressed? When nothing else sounds good besides eating, how do you stop from just feeding yourself until you reach a comfy, glutted state?

too depressed to play vidya

too depressed to watch anime

too depressed to read or write

Also it's like 100 degrees outside so going out for a walk isn't even a fucking option. Normally that's what I do but sunburn is not going to make me feel any better.

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One thing my mother taught us is that if you crave something specific to eat, there's a reason to it. Years later, fatties took the idea up to deny that eating fifteen cheeseburgers is too much, but there's a truth within every lie, as no one can be consistently wrong. The truth here is that your body is pretty smart and knows what you need, you only have to learn to listen. So if you are dying for a banana no matter how much you ate, you gotta eat a banana. Chances are you lack kalium or so. Just make sure you differentiate the healthy cravings from the unhealthy, purely psychological ones, like craving chocolate whenever you watch a movie because you always eat chocolate when watching a movie.