What is @Realtreebivvy?

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This is where i get my name @realtreebivvy. So what is realtree, and what is a bivvy?

Realtree is a camouflage pattern that looks something like oak trees and a bivvy is a very heavy duty shelter designed to withstand the harshest of weathers and is built specifically for anglers that spend time out on the bank.

This is my Trakker 1 man Armodillo realtree bivvy in it's original bag:-


The bag holds the bivvy, heavy duty p.v.c ground-sheet, support poles and pegs.


First we lay out the ground-sheet facing the right way:-


Then lay out the bivvy on the ground-sheet to avoid damage:-


Connect the support poles together:-


connect the sides to the ground-sheet:-


open up the bivvy pegs:-


Starting at the back , and moving to the front, peg through the tension strap the bivvy ring and the ground-sheet ring:-


And the bivvy is up. There are no guide ropes to trip over or to worry about:-


Place bed chair and fishing gear inside, ready to go:-


Total time to erect bivvy = 4 minutes.

This bivvy is around 15 years old and it is still in excellent condition, a little faded from the harsh sunlight and regular use.
It also comes with a matching cover that increases the size to a "2 man bivvy" increasing weather protection and warmth in harsh winter conditions. It has kept me warm and dry through some really bad winter storms.


Realtree makes great camo. 4 minutes is really quick setup time. Looks like a real lifesaver if you are ever alone in the harsh elements.

Looks like a great setup! Thanks for the explanation of your name and a setup that has meant a lot to you over many years. I can see how it is special to you. I want one now, lol!

Huh and there your go I learned something new today. Lol I what wondering what your name meant :D

Its an abbreviation of bivouac.

ˈbɪvʊak,ˈbɪvwak noun

  1. a temporary camp without tents or cover, used especially by soldiers or mountaineers.
  2. stay in a bivouac.
    "we bivouacked on the north side of the town"

ˈbɪvi/informal noun
noun: bivvy; plural noun: bivvies

  1. a small tent or temporary shelter. verb
    verb: bivvy; 3rd person present: bivvies; past tense: bivvied; past participle: bivvied; gerund or present participle: bivvying
  2. stay in a small tent or temporary shelter.
    "he opted to bivvy up for two days"

My bad. That's what assuming does :)

That's just so funny, i couldn't resist ...sorry..... LOL ;)

Nice one, I too had wondered about your name, and I wouldn't have known what a bivvy was either - looks more suited than a tent, though probably heavier! Good to hear from you anyway @realtreebivvy, glad you've got protection against the coming harsh Australian winter :D

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