Okuma Competition Bolognese 5m - Float Fishing Rod - Review

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This is my review on the Okuma Competition Bolognese 5m - Float Fishing Rod


The rod is excellent for a lighter float fishing, although the Casting Weight of the rod is 30gr / 80gr the rod blank is quite light and I do not recommend it for fishing where you have to raise the catch at height if it has more of 500gr.

okuma-competition-bolognese (1).jpg

The action of the rod is sensitive and semi-parabolic.

The rod construction is very good and although the seaguides and reel holder are not Fuji, they are of good quality.
I recommend this rod for fishing for mackerel, horse mackerel and sea bream and medium-sized sea bass, for fishing in which you go after bigger fish, I recommend the use of chalavar or basket.

Sem Título.png

Final thoughts:
It's a light rod, with good quality for the price (50€), great for pier and rock float fishing.
I recommend this rod based on my experience.


Is this rod suitable for a beginner?

"Thank you for your rod review. Depending on the fishing place, whether it is the sea, like a river, a bet, or a small hole in the ice hole, one chooses a fishing rod. Affects the selection of the model and the type of desired fish one claims to catch.
For example, I bought my carp fishing rod on GrisAmber. It is difficult for an inexperienced person to determine exactly what kind of tackle will be needed and is left to rely on the seller's competence. Perhaps you have friends who love fishing? Ask them to help you with the choice if you trust their experience."

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