I came because I liked your name - and you did not let me down :)
[I love mulberries and I love dreaming]

Welcome. I am only here about a month, so it is still a hassle finding my way around. Check out the articles you think you'll enjoy. Some are magical, some are not. Do not try doing much more than posting comments (if you can, nice ones); avoid those who ask you to upvote for them; don't be shy to ask for help - you are welcome to ask me, if I don't have the answer, I'll say so.

There are a lot of posts made for helping newbies. Give a shout if you need me to point the way to some of them. A tip: keep the pages you want to find again by bookmarking them in your browser - it is easy to delete once you do not want them.

I'm looking forward to seeing your first posts.

Let me know by posting a comment in reply to this comment of mine.

PS: Remeber, whatever you say or post, it stays in the blockchain forever, so don't get angry and say things you'll regret.

Hello mulberry, very welcome to Steemit community :)

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