Catching new fish is always interesting!

in fishing •  last year 


Catch a new species is always fun! When you throw your bait in the water you never know what you are going to get! Since getting a beach house and a boat it seems like we are catching new species every weekend! This weekend we caught 2 new species. The first in the picture above is actually a fish that my sister caught, a houndfish. This fish is a relative to the fresh water gar. It is definitely an interesting one, and while I had heard of people catching them, I didn't expect to be bringing one in my boat. While I have heard that they are a delicacy, we did let this one live, as we weren't prepared to eat him that day.


Another first for me was this little gag grouper. I have always wanted to catch a grouper, but never really going off shore, it didn't seem like something that was going to happen anytime soon for me. Lucky for me, I just happened to catch this bad boy of the flats while fishing for trout! Unfortunately, gags are out of season currently and even if it was in season, he was under sized.

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