Best Flys for pike, How to tie a Pike fly with houshold stuff.

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So over the last few free moments I have. Ive been busy with my fishing hobbies, Making my own pike flys.... with a twist. Preparing for the next Pike session in the Shetland boat.

(check me on Dtube and Youtube.... Northern Ireland Fishing reports. To see us in action on the boat and see these flys in action. All kinds of fishing.

Lets get started

The usual fly tying methods consist of someone trying to copy all the fancy flys they maybe saw on youtube, or in your local tackle shop.. Costing way over the odds.
Maybe one day you had a massive pike take on a fly you bought, and you set out to copy that fly because you feel confident in it, buying all the correct materials that some guy on youtube suggested, all costing a pretty penny at times.

Most of this is simply there to catch the Angler, not the fish !! Same for most modern lures, but that's a different post for a different day

So !! Here in this post I will show you some of the pike flys that I use and make myself, using some art feathers and bits and bobs from around the house and even some from old earings the wife had (shhhh don't tell her )

I've had a very high success rate and am willing to share this with my steemit fellow fishermen. There are no fancy names for my flys and they are so easy to make yourself. You do not need to be an expert.

Feel free to try to copy them if you like. I guarantee they all work to get that heart stopping splash we all look for.

If I where to suggest buying anything to help you get going, it would be a basic fly making kit with the small table clamp. Cheap as chips on ebay.... Oh, and if your like me and wear glasses. Maybe invest in a magnified glass. Just for those smaller details. Though pike flys are good big and easy to work with, not like them tiny trout flys.

See below pictures of my recent batch and I look forward to sharing my results here on this season with steemit.

If anyone does have a go and it works please let me know. If you have any comments or questions, please ask away

Thank you for taking the time to read this and of course any upvote welcome as this motivates me to continue.

Tight Lines and I hope you can find something useful, Pay close attention the the colours, I can confirm they ALL work well.


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Great looking flies! I used to tie my own flies, but packed all my gear away years ago. I need to break them out and start again.


Yes. You definitely should. Nothing more thrilling than hooking into a monster on a fly you made yourself. So satisfying. Feel all caveman coming out. Check out my last Dtube for fly fishing for pike

Interesting mate cheers for the tip. Have you seen me castnet video


No mate but il defo have a look