Ulog# 2 My location is fishing for small fish to survive

in fishing •  7 months ago

this is my fishing location. I like fishing. Since I was a little hobbi fishing suits even though I have to fish in a place like this. the important thing i have the confidence to fishing.

this is where I often get small fish fish. I am not heartened because I am still a small reputation so I often get a small fish in my fishing trips

I do not expect. My fishing rod was successful this time. as you see drawn. i got a cute little fish. indeed this little fish is not so meaningful. still know that from small we will grow up like the others. I hope you guys understand .. big big oh.LOL

this location i often go. when i do not have any activities i have a lot of time here i spend my time with small fish. I do not expect big fish. the important thing is my life is not boring. sometimes i think thiks is just a joke .. hahaha still this is very fun for me. For me there is no problem. as long as others do not bother me
just this from me. thank you for reading.
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