Deep Sea Fishing with the Notorious Broncnutz!

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Acapulco Mexico deep sea sport fishing. Good footage of a whale and some dolphins too!


Ah YEAH! Looked like a Wahoo up first then some dolphin at the front of the boat and a freekin' Orca..... Wow! That was pretty bad ass as usual but I have to wonder where the elusive Rooster was...........?

If I saw that whale, I'd have flashes of some moby dick boat smashing whale action. I'm guessing it was a lot cheaper to do that there than with some U.S. outfit off the coast?


I have an interest in fishing and seafood with my family. It's a great hobby. But I've never seen a place like I saw on your share. I usually try to have fun with the fishing rod next to the harbor.
This is really amazing. The fish are almost with you. And too many. This is very exciting, sir ... You are very lucky.
I made this sharing, I enjoyed the upvote and resteemed

You are very talented man . Is there a thing you can't do ?

You are a lucky man
Fishing in the deep sea is a dream of mine. That too with whales and dolphin is amazing.

Right on! Now that is how you do Mexico! Great video.


Wow, man! Looks like you're having one heck of a time! Way to show how it's done!

oo man just dont get lobsters... im too hungry for them now!

Brooooo that intro is FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up! Another good one. Did you personally do the intro?

I knew this video was coming and I'm more jealous than I was before. I have been deep sea fishing in Nova Scotia where I'm from but never for what you were looking to catch. The Killer Whale shot was the bomb!! When we go whale watching here we don't see Orka's. It's usually Humpback whales in our waters. When we head out deep sea fishing we are jigging for deep Cod or if you're lucky you might strike a big Tuna. Those suckers can be massive, I've never had the luck to see one yet though. For $2000 you and a group of 10-12 can go out shark fishing. That would be sweet!!! Thanks for sharing. Guessing your back home. I bet the bed feels better than you remembered. lol

Jesus......Excellent deep Sea fishing video @broncnutz. You catch some biggy fish. Dolphins enjoying with their journey and show their smiles to you. Acapulco amazing place to fishing.

I have been looking forward to seeing this! What a beautiful day and crazy how much marine life there is out there.

Beautiful! Those dolphins are so cool! How did you do it? Two weeks in paradise!

Love deep sea fishing but unfortunately i don’t have a sea near me.. watching whales and dolphine on the shore of water is a childhood dream, though a bit afraid of going down in water

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Great Video!

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Fish On!

Shit that is the last place I thought you'd take us...but I guess when in Mexico you may as well!

the dolphins already knew that you are coming so they were ready to enjoy it with you :)

deep sea sport fishing adventure it looks fun and you are the coolest on in middle there vlogging for us and showing the best around :)

Great footage you grabbed there and it was an epic day to enjoy in there :)

Thanks for sharing this awesome video keep it up
swimming of fishes are looking so nice and beautiful hope you will share more videos like this

A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this amazing video keep it up @broncnutz

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Oooh whales and dolphins? Wowww
As always you are looking cool and dashing
@broncnutz, you didn’t scare from whales?
If i was there then i may faint there!!!!
Glad to see you again. . .stay safe

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Sea is beautiful , I love dolphins . I wish i was there .

Glad you had an amazing trip. Digging the Broncos beer cozy!

wow, fishing is very fun, I really like fishing.

Soo beautiful @broncnutz,
Keep sharing the beautiful moment with us,stay blessed and happy

So many Dolphins together . Omg thank you for sharing . It was a wonderful experience watching your video .

Mexico sea is very wonderful and there are many whale and dolpian

Got to see one killer whale (orca) called whale but is a part of a dolphin family.The dolphins looked really excited to have you haha the shot was epic with the dolphins and the fish you held was big.i like all sorts of animals and what you just showed was breathtaking i wish I’ll be able to travel like you one day. Seems like you are having a blast out there.keep enjoying and posting cause we look forward to it,be safe. Thanks for the post.

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It's so cool whale are really an amazing person sir...i liked smile sir...😁 keep smiling sir..👍

it seems like a fun trip. the fish kept large. I am glad you did not pass the dolphins. because it is fragile fish :)

This technology is vary difficult. And fish is beast thanks for share

Wow...... it’s a amazing video...... it’s fishing time.... dolphins moves very fast.... you have passed a great time.... so cool.... and your orange hat ..... looks you so smart..... happy fishing @broncnutz

Demasiado bueno amigo saludos desde Venezuela

You're going to need a bigger boat.

Oaw!! that much adventure i want in my life. It really awesome!!

@broncnutz, You gives us sensational ocean safari video. I love ocean and last time I went whale watching in part of my country. I did posted it before 05 days. Yep.....It's great adventure and experience to our life. Probably dangerous feelings generated. If I down under the sea....Omg.....I have to build up friendship with huge whale. :D
Your talking stylish real attractive me every time. Dolphins being every time human's friend. They shown correct ways to go on the sea without any trouble. Great video proving.

whats great and brilliant thing if we are go there for fishing but you got this chance a great time with a great supports man broncnutz
are you still there are came back?? the season for fully rocking with the big amout of viisters in acapulco

One fish, two fish Red fish, blue fish. You know what they say about giving a man a fish versus teaching a man. I learnt a lot! Thanks for sharing.

yeah it you look more excited and happy and i always find you a happily man in your all videos and but today is some more excited and wonderfull day to see you on fishing ferry and got a big fish
when will you eat this big fish it will be more wonderfull if you will have bbq of this big fish broncnutz sir

I love dolphins. I saw one once in my life and I will never forget it. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Joy

Nice man! Love seeing the dolphins and whale (I think it was). Looks like an amazing trip. Cheers!

wow!nice sea and fishing also.thanks for sharing @broncnutz,

Wow that looked like a really fun time. To bad you didn't get that big fish you were after but no doubt a great adventure. The killer whale was awesome...

Fishing in the high seas is great fun, let alone get a big catch will definitely enjoy the moment, I like fishing but usually I'm fishing in fresh water ..
Fishing with friends by boat is really fun, thank for sharing @broncnutz

Wooh Great shooting @broncnutz I always wanted to go for offshore fishing but after watching your video i'll defiantly go, and share my experience with you about it.

Beautiful it was to see wonderful experience in the middle awesome chilling :D

Thank you for sharing this video, keep it up

Notorious Broncnutz hahah we all know that epic fishing session there dolphins along with it :D

@ broncnutz.........this time you post a amazing in sea,, its very enjoyable work,,,,,,,,the dolphins swimming so fast......i hope,, you enjoy with fishing all day long,,,,,,,to see your post,,i feel,, i have seen the discovery channel ..........good luck.........

nice, Thanks for sharing this awesome video ,This is very exciting, sir ... You are very lucky.I enjoyed the upvote ,,great....

whats great time for you in this sea and really an beautifull view around evrywhere and blue water and the fishes looking run under the water make this scene more beautifull and attractive
hahaha now time to enjoy with you to eat all these fishes one by one man

awesome. thanks for sharing!

the dolphin's were chasing you that was great scenes to view nice video love it cuz

you are having fun in the Acapulco awesome man this was a new experience on you vlog series :)

thanks sir for share your fishing time with us, hope you enjoy it.

well its amazing really like this

what an awesome ride in the sea there super cool scenes and friend dolphins hhaha

This makes me so jelous....While I cant eat fish I still love the idea to chill on a bot fishing.

I am planning to rent a boat in Thailand soon and go on the sea for several days. I bet this will be great fun.


Good fantastic footage and good weather along its a joy to watch and you enjoyed there so i am very happy good to check the video out :)

its always fun with @broncnutz going on adventures :)

Acapulco again. Apart from the nice food, I can still see this. Wow so many lovely things and places @broncnutz Wow see that whale

Would I literally kill someone to be there right now? Probably not, but the temptation would be huge lolz


Frozen fish anyone?:) I might see the sea up close in a few months!Thanks for another cool vlog bossman, stay safe!

woow its really cool time and you are enjoying there fishing is also a best enjoyment and you catch a big fish
its mean today you are going to eat this and enjoy this big fish @broncnutz ,,,its make me more hungry and force us to go there in boat for fishihg

That looks amazing brotha! Hope you're e joying your time in Acapolco. Keep up the vlogs @broncnutz !

I like your all post
Upvote, followed and resteemed your this post.

You are very talented man. You are awesome sir. I just love dolphins. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing moment.

you are so great.....
This video is really awsome....
Fishes are also Beautiful

enjoying the fishing at deep blue sea at mexico.