Friday Fishing Stories: Smallmouth Fishing in Idaho

in fishing •  5 months ago

Most of my family lives in California, but I have an uncle who moved out to Idaho, so I have a handful of cousins and a large numbers of nieces and nephews out there. I do not get the chance to visit out there too often, but whenever there is a wedding or some good excuse to make the trip, I try to take advantage of it and go, always sneaking in a fishing session or two.

I love exploring new areas and fishing new bodies of water. On my last trip, I got in touch with one of my uncles friends who had a basic aluminum fishing boat, and snuck out on the water for half a day.

I went out with one of my other uncles who also came out for the wedding we went to, and used various plastic grubs and worms targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass. We ended up catching about 10 smallmouth bass, and a couple of perch, but got skunked on the largemouth. We also did hook into one pike, which came off at the boat, so I wasn’t able to get a picture. The smallmouth weren’t large, but they were fun to try to find and catch. Here are a few pictures:




I hope another family member that lives in Idaho gets married soon… I am anxious to get back and do some more fishing up there, as it was beautiful in the summer!

Appreciate you stopping by!


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Idaho is where I caught my largest fish ever. Northern Pike, just over 10 lbs and over 30 inches. Also caught some nice small mouth as well.


That is an awesome pike! They are fun to catch for sure, and a big one like that would put up quite a battle!


It was the first time I ever got tired reeling in a fish. It took a few minutes. :)

Great looking smallie! That's some fun fishing right there

how are you friend?i know you doing alots of fish every friday.i am waiting your fishing story.its alltime excellent.i like your high quality skills.its appreciating me.really you catch very nice fish today.. i hope that,you enjoy your good day with your catch big fish and i hope you making a good meal curry of fish.because its very delicious and healthy..obviously i think we are best parents in the world.because alltime doing proper take care and good teaching give your children.have a nice day.just awesome fish you catch today.i like your story..thanks to sharing alots of for your good moments with us.. its very good experience of you..all the best.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless blessing alltime with you and your family. my dear friend.. @brian.rrr hopefullyyou supportmy work.its alltime needs for me.because a good person can help doing one friend..if you help me and support my work i am of course success very early in the future this platform.thank you.

I like your fishing story that really enjoyed. Very lovely photography, looking great. Hope you enjoyed lots catching and with your family. I liked your this sentence that'I hope another family member that lives in Idaho gets married soon…' Wish your dream will be success soon and we will get another lovely fishing story.

Nice, this is something I've never done but would definitely want to, fishing
Most water bodies around my vacinity are animal unfriendly, but hey if you invite me over for the next wedding we might both go fishing, I promise I'm a fast learner.

Hello how are you? Another new story of a Friday fishing, very good pictures and the fish that shows looks great, I love that you enjoy every time you can of your passion for fishing and you show us this wonderful world with some beautiful photos of the places that vicitas, greetings to your beautiful family

I think there's always a time to get away and go do a little bit of what we like

Those fish that you managed to catch what is their name? I hope soon you go back there and show us more is a very nice place

Beautiful day on the lake. The fish aren't he biggest, but when you're just out there for catch and release, catching anything helps you feel like you're doing something. Then again, if you're not catching, you can just relax.

It's nice to see another one of your blog posts. It looks like fishing, family and BBQ hit some of the top things that you care about.

Wow! such a wonderful fish photography D :) friend @brian.rrr .really your photography is awesome. I love your post. Thank you for sharing with us.

Wow very awesome fish photography sir... upvote done sir...

Nice catches my friend @brian.rrr!

When I fished in Arizona there was this catfish right infront of me and it was huge so I stuck my bait near the hole and he came out and snatched it. He was also very delicious.

Wow! this fish is looking so beautiful Really I love your photography. Thanks for share

It's good that you enjoy the spaces you have with your family to the maximum and you can combine it with your passion for fishing.

Although full of pride to catch a big fish, in the end it is important how much fun you had and did what you like.

pleasure that can not be left behind, I like to see thing like this, @brian.rrr,🙂

This fish glows cool in the last pic :D

fishing a fun job😍😍

A very wonderful fish
I have never seen her before
You are a skilled fisherman. I wish you all the best
I love sea

It shows that your passion for fishing goes beyond a hobby, it is great to be in touch with what you like and more if you feel so comfortable, as you tell us. In addition to adventurous spirit, I'm sure you'll have many more lucky days like this one.

Nice, What lure were you getting the smallies on?

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In my opinion you've used the opportunity in an productive way and reflecting as you've attained the goal of fishes. And many people prefer fishing for holidays and for sure it's an great time to spend.

And i have to say that this place is so beautiful and breathtaking with pleasant and bright day. I hope that you've enjoyed your time here because this is beautiful piece covered with wonderful tall trees and mountains.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

wow super fishing