Fishing with the Girls! First full video!

in fishing •  2 years ago

Hey everybody,

I typically do cryptocurrency news updates in my videos, but I'm not called Austin Angler because I'd only do crypto videos!

The Angler part comes in because I love fishing!! I have a bunch of raw uncut videos that I still have to put together and post, this is just the first one that I was able to fully edit and I hope you all enjoy it! I hope to not only be big in the crypto world, but also have a large following for my fishing videos as well! I will be doing more videos on, how to fish a tournament, getting sponsors, fishing banks, where fish spawn, fishing in different types of weather and much more. Thank for watching the video below.

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Its always bring joy to me to see other people fishing. Reminds me of all my great fishing trips. Your video makes me want to take a trip back to Florida and catch some smokers!(King Fish) Keep the videos coming!!!

Looks like you guys had a pretty productive day! There were throwbacks, but you sure got a lot of bites!

Dayum! The rawest sport out there. Cheers! Nice vlogging :)

#upvoted #follow4follow


People who comment almost always get upvotes from me :) it's a great sport!!


Thank you, always.

It was so much fun. Especially the competition between guys versus girls. I believe girls won again haha

Love it. up-voted and followed

Nice fishing video. A boat, family, a sunny day. What else can you ask for?

i loveeeeeeeeeeeee fishing good job here

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