Traveling in an RV to Valdez : Long drive with a skittish driver

in fishing •  5 months ago

Yeah as the title says it was a long drive with awkward silences after heated discussions. Not with the hubby but a friend.

The trip started off with my skittish driver friends putting my crock pot on the top shelf in her cupboard with a falulty weak latch. Needless to say it cracked the pot.

Then the skittish driver gunned it causing a 40” flat screen to crash down onto my sholder. They didn’t even bother to ask if I was okay. I had to drag it out and tell them I was injured.

About half way there I got tired of their driving and took over. I’m sorry but 45 mph to 55 mph in a 65 is so not okay when the normal travel time is 6 hours. So I gunned it and did just fine for my first time driving a huge motorhome.

We finally got to Keystone Canyon and got some Photos of the water falls.

We didn’t get into Valdez until almost 8pm, 2 hours late because of the skittish driver.

That night we settled in and slept, I had a rough night. I think something in the energy drinks makes my heart palps worse. Because coffee donesnt effect my heart. So no more rockstar, monster, or starbucks for me. 😔
We told the kids not to wake us before 8am. 💤

Well at 7:20 am a kid wakes us saying “can we go fishing!?” 🤦‍♀️

We got up ate some pancakes my grandparents made at their camp. Then headed out.

First Stop, Allison point over by the hatchery.
You can see the fish swelling in the water.

We walked the little tourist thingy they have for the hatchery and seen this. ⬇️

We walked back around to the side of the hatchery and started to fish.
On our way we seen the waterfall that is used for hydro power and is the water used for the hatchery.

As we got closer we seen a netting boat adrift being dragged around by its dingy.

Once we finally got to our spot and settled in amongst the dead, we started to catch some. We chose all females, they come in later then the males so they are not spent as bad. The hatchery already reached its encampment goal for the year, 270,000,000 eggs!

We left with 8-9 pinks, still no freaking silvers! 🤬

On the way to the camp site where the gutting tables are, we seen a bear.
We continued on, headed to the gutting tables and I cleaned up the fish. While my skittish sidekick doned blue gloves. 😒

Anyways I gave her all the fish because we have enough for now. She can feed the worst of the fish to her dogs, they are on a raw diet. We saved three good ones for her, still very nice in color.

Well while I was cleaning and chopping, my side kick hoses out my cooler and broke the lid off. WTF! 🤦‍♀️
Of corse they act as if it’s no big deal, it’s not theirs.
Damn city people.
Some other fishermen where there watching and asked me if they where high maintenance. I said “yeah they are.” Then the bickering back and forth about them being high maintenance made us sound like a couple. It was sad.

I finished the fish, bagged them up and put them in their freezer.
A little later we ate some dinner around 5 pm. Then my grandpa suggested we walk the rocks to get lures.

So we walked the beach and found some cool things!
Baby shrimp, different stages of decomposition, two kinds of jelly fish, clams, oysters and barnicals!

We found about 15-20 lures.
We went back to the camp site and slept for the night.

The next morning we ate and took off fishing again.
Come to find out my side kick has no idea how to fish.
Doesn’t know how to use and open reel, or tie a fishermans knot. So I had to teach them and so did my kids.

What they consider fishing is dip netting.

All dip netting is is scooping the fish out of the water! If you want that go to the pet store and get some damn feeder fish!!! 🤬

We fished in that spot for a few, Went back to camp ate and went back out to a different spot.
Then I had the enjoyment of listening to kids complain that it wasn’t as active as Alison point. 🤦‍♀️
Holy shit this trip was killing me. I started to get short tempered quick! The normal bickering started to bother me.

We cut that trip short and went back to camp and watched a damn show.

The next day after food, I took the laundry to be washed.
While I was being bored and enjoying the silence I spotted a flyer to the museum.

To be continued...
This is our next stop, the museum.

Yes this all really happened, that is why I needed to rest before posting. My travels are not even done yet.

Proof of jelly fish, surrounded in a sea of death.

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I dread travel with anyone other than my husband and kids. It's always weird.

I am definitely a dip netting kind of fisherwoman. But I'm getting better! Really, you've got to believe me... :D


😂 hahaha sure... hahaha
I am realizing that travel and camping is different with other people.


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Thanks 😊

Wow. What a crazy trip! Awesome pictures I thank you for sharing. Next time, go with fun lovers!

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As awful as it sounds... Still really cool. Such a beautiful place! Would love to go fishing. Thanks for sharing a great post!

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Yeah it could have been worse, I don’t know how. But I am sure there could have been something involving a life flight.
All I really wanted to do the whole trip was relax.


Yeah, that definitely seems like a lot of hard work out there! Can i ask why you were with the skiddish friend and not the hubby?


Because he had to hold down the fort.
I hardly see my friend anymore, she came to visit.
Known her since middle school.

Great writeup of your trip. Keepin' it real.


Thanks 😊

Yikes! I think I would have been like the city-dwellers, unfortunately. About the only thing I think I know about fishing is that you are not supposed to eat them at spawning time. But hopefully I would not have been breaking all your stuff, The laundry price is insane! You need a good income to live up there.


That’s when the fish come in is during swanning season. You have to judge off color and firmness, belly where the eggs are. If the belly is hard and they are a darker green on the top they are fine. They can’t be soft on the spine either.

  • Ive never seen fish with their heads stuck in railings before!
  • Great Views, scenery and sights, especially the waterfalls.
  • So what's the difference between a Pink and a Silver?

Yeah the fish.. I feel so bad for them. 😔 it seems to happen every year too, like they never fix the spot in the gate.

Yeah the waterfalls are beautiful for sure.

The difference between a pink and silver is the size and color of meat. Their scales are different too. Pinks turn green on the top and silver/white on the bottom, their meat is a dark pink. Silvers have shiny silver scales and are twice the size and have a redder meat.
You can also tell by the size of their head and mouth.

howdy from Texas alaskahippie! I've seen your name around but not one of your posts so this was very interesting but no cheerful for you and I'm sorry you had to go that entire trip with your skiddish friend, bummer.

Why are there so many dead fish everywhere? and does this mean the end of your friendship with your friend who didn't act much like a friend?


Yeah it wasn’t one of my best posts or interesting that’s for sure. It was and is my life.

We were fishing at a hatchery. So all the dead fish are from spawning.
I am not sure where this leaves our friendship. Over the years she has been very careless and one-sided. After this trip I have been thinking on how to break it off. 😕


howdy there alaskahippie! hey I think the post was very interesting and the quality was good enough to get a curie so that says alot doesn't it? I've sure never gotten one.

It just wasn't a feel-good post! lol. it was miserable going thru that with you but it was still a great post, not boring.
too bad about your friend but I would have to distance myself from them.

So you live in Alaska year round? and if so, isn't that hard in the winter?


Yes I live in Alaska year round, it can be challenging in the winter.
We use to live in the North Star Brough, it would get -50° F to as low as -60°F. We moved south awhile back, now it gets -30°F, way more feasible to handle. Still cold, but when it drops that cold it doesn’t last months like up North.


oh my gosh! and I thought Northern Ohio was cold. well I didn't check to see how long you've been with steemit but what do you post about in the winter time if you weren't here last winter?
And why do you live in Alaska, a good job or something?
I'm not saying that like you're crazy in fact I admire people up there!


We can’t do as much, but are still active. We focus on the inside of the house.
Our families moved up here when both my husband and I were children, so this is home state.


amazing alaskahippie..well I can just imagine some of the posts from the winter time coming up!

Dang, there are a ton of dead fish there, I think they need to import some more bears to help clean it up. They usually like fish.
lol, I think high maintenance is probably an understatement. Most people from the city are, rather uncivilized in a natural environment, they just don't know how to act when not surrounded by concrete and asphalt.


The bears don’t eat the fish, they eat the eggs. The black bears have figured out if you stomp on the fish the eggs pop out. The sea gulls eat some of the dead, the seals and sea lions eat the other “zombie” fish. We call them “zombie” because they are the living dead, literally. They are starting to rot and they change even to a black color.🤢

I don’t know what category to put her into, seriously. High maintenance is the closest I could come. Trust me she is picky as hell! Nothing is ever good enough. She has the dream of a 3-4 bedroom house 2 bath, huge kitchen, 2-3 car garage 5+ acres with the pay check of a fry cook. She won’t except anything less so she hasn’t caughmovedoutcough. She is a very complicated person who is very picky and complains but does nothing to reach her goals. It has only gotten worse since she has gotten older. Example: she payed off her car, I told her to save her money from the payments to buy a house. She gave her car to her sister and bought another car. 😒🤦‍♀️

She isn’t that good of a friend after all. What she did in the trip was enough proof. Two years ago she says she is going to visit her sister, I was happy for her. She hadn’t seen her sister in a few years. Then I get this strange photo she sent me. Her in front of a alligator water fountain. I asked her where she was, Disney. WTF kinda friend doesn’t tell their friend about that. Especially one you’ve had since middle school! She had to fly to Disney too, so it was planned out.


Man, that sounds like a mess. I've had a few like that, one in particular that I have no idea how they survive without going bankrupt. Vacation after Vacation, never has anything, always broke on food stamps but can afford to go stay at disney resorts of a week or two a year. SMH.
The moving out is probably a good thing, it should be less stressful.

Oh dear, sorry you had to travel with a skittish driver friend. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It sounds really cool, apart from the skittish driver, I hope. And poor fishies. So many dead on the shore? The photos of the waterfalls are pretty!


Yeah I have never gone on a trip with them before. It seemed anything and everything that could go wrong went wrong. I am sure it could have been much worse, by far. But it still sucked!
I agree. All the wasted fish that never got to spawn or make it to the hatchery to spawn but can’t, suck. So much wasted food. But you also have to see it like this. It’s the same as in the wild spawning streams too. But people don’t see it. Most people know the process but don’t truly understand what that entails.