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So today I make special bait exclusively for steemit anglers,
There only few ingredients you need.
Wheat flour, Bran , pandan leave jem flavour ( strawberry jem can be use too) , add some water into this ingredients.
Mixed them well just like dough.
Oh yeah , if you don't have a flour, you can use bread too.

The result will be like this, the dough won't stick in your finger when you mixing it then you are good to go.
Leave them alone for few hours in room temperature place.

By the way, if you want more aroma for your bait you can add up few more things.
I would recommend you to use some yease powder, or duck salted eggs.
The stronger your bait smell the fastest you can lure them.

Time to hook the bait up!

So here how the bait look like in the hook, place the hook in the middle of your bait and wrap the hook and press them and you will have round shape like this.
If your bait easily fell off from your hook once itgo into water add more flour/bread.

Ps* be careful when you handling the fish hook

Now time to land some fish!
I heard from some of my friends live in UK (Europe country) , they need a license to fishing.
Is that true?

After 30-50minutes here what I caught !
Bleeker fish around 1.5-2 KG.
I'm so happy I can hook up decent size of fish to show that my exclusive bait for steemians worked out!

I hate this fish!!

And I even get this cleaner fish.its pretty annoying this fish keep stealing my bait!
Anyway this bait can be use for bottom feeder fish such as catfish , tilapia , snakehead and Bleeker.
Give it a try let me know what kind of fish you can land.
Thanks for reading guys :D.

Here more clear size of the fish I caught!



A lot of places in the world you may need Recreational License for fishing, there are also bags limit.

Well here in my place we doesn't need a licensed , there a pro and cons about the licensed too. So we not over fishing them. Here very hard to find a good spot for fishing.

You want to find a spot where there is a deep hole in it.
or you can make one artificial, where fishes will hide in them
Similar to artificial reef

I will going to deep sea in this few days hopefully I can catch some big game.

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