Fish, Flowers, and an Albino Peacock.

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Hello Steemit!

Today I want to bring to you some of the things that I love and love doing. If you happen to have been following my posts then you know I love the sea, and the creatures in it captivate my attention so I spend the time that I am able, just simply exploring the ocean, beaches, and pretty much any body of water possible.

Sooooo, without further delay, we will start with the recent ocean creatures I have come across.


This is a Blue Eyed Hermit crab, and I bet you will never guess why!? Ha, I caught him in a cast net and he has a broken claw so I decided to take him home and add him to the 75 gallon tank I set up.

He likes to filter through the sand and dirt eating anything he comes across laying on the bottom of the tank. He seems quite happy being safe in the tank and having the freedom to climb around.


Here you can see several beauties although front and center is the bully of the tank! Although his species slips my mind at the moment I can tell you for sure that he will pick on anything he can catch. He killed a few fish before I changed the set up of the tank. Although everyone is seemingly aware of him being a butt and they stay away from him.


Here you can see the bully and the crab seemingly getting along. As the bully seems to pick on anything in the tank that is docile I was surprised to see it get along with the crab and even eat algae from its shell.


Well now that you have seen this beautiful French Angel in the picture above I thought I would show you a clear picture of him! He was caught in a fisherman's net while I was fishing the other day and the fisherman asked me what kind of fish it was. I told him: "Oh, that is a French Angel!" I was surprised he caught him in a net as they are very fast.

After a few minutes of it laying on the dock I asked him if he wanted it, and he said "Oh no, I don't want it." I asked if I could have it and then quickly put it in a bucket to watch it's status of health. I mean, who could let something this beautiful just lay on the dock like that.... I took him home and he seems to be loving the 75 gallon tank, although in the past few days I think he is stressed out and I may put him back in the ocean soon. I will miss him!


Next, we have a pair of Porkfish! I caught the smaller one and thought it would be a beautiful fish to keep in my tank and since it was small and they are found in tanks across the world it seemed fitting. While contemplating the fact that they do better in pairs or groups the same person who caught the French Angel caught another Porkfish. He asked me if I wanted it and I accepted and added it to the bucket. They both love the attention they get from people who walk by them and they are super friendly! I hope to find 2 more as they will do better in a school although if I find anymore they need to be smaller, or in a bigger tank.... shhhh don't tell my wife!


Lastly, I caught this Stripped Burrfish, which is a species of puffer fish. He had unique blue eyes and I couldn't put him back although most of the time you wouldn't want to have one of these in your tank I figured I would try it.

They eat crabs, coral, and pretty much anything they can chomp on. They have very powerful jaws and sharp teeth that are formed like a parrot. They will take your finger off in a pinch if you are silly enough to put your finger in their mouths. This one is about the size of your fist but when puffed up is about the size of your head! They seem funny when puffed up but this means they are under extreme stress or they feel threatened. Their spikes have poison in them and can be deadly to small animals and even humans depending on the species. This burrfish has its spikes sticking out all the time unlike most puffer fish who only stick theirs out when they puff up.

Yes yes! I know you all want to see a video of the tank in full on action, so here you go! Just for you.

Link to Video:

Alright, on to the flowers!

Herrrrreeee we go!

I planted a garden and since all the rain has been crazy the flowers all started to pop open! This is the row of flowers that I planted to help draw in butterflies! We seen several all the time but they are so hard to get a good picture unless they land. I will keep trying!

This is one of the rows of sunflowers and the 2 you see open were the first 2 to show any color! Some of them (I planted 5 species) are going to be huge but probably won't open for a week or 2.


Ohhhh, and I LOVE watermelon so I planted a row of those, and this is the first one that is big enough to catch on camera without a macro lens haha! It is about the size of a quarter and is a sweet melon, although I can't tell which kind, it might have a yellow or red center, I planted several different kinds wayyyy to close together... oops!


Another moment that I am sure you have all been waiting for... The exquisite Albino Peacock!

I am very luck to have seen this in real life as I was driving home. Although rare, they are not actually Albino but, simply a genetic variant of the species! This is the female, and


Link to Video:


Very cool, and glad to see you doing well!

Thank you very much my old friend! I am a lurker these days but I always love stopping by your page and seeing how you guys are doing. Keep in touch! :D