All Hail the British Fish & Chips!

in fish •  10 months ago

The incessantly damp, rainy British weather can sometimes make you want to cry in frustration but nothing can beat the British Fish & Chips!


Britain is a mix of so many things for me. It is home and yet not. It is traditional and perhaps repressive.

Depending on where you live as in any city, London is strictly divided by postcode with a class system so rigid that you have to work in certain positions - care, service, media etc to set an eye on anyone from the upper class let alone talk to one.

The British humour is so dry that most foreign visitors miss the underlying sarcasm and double talk. The weather can be miserable with a reluctant summer and a viciously wet, cold and dark winter.

But saying all this there is something I love that is truly British and that is the Fish & Chips. Hot chunky chips flavoured with salt and vinegar to your taste. The fleshy cod deep fried in batter (not good for your heart but ah! it’s a treat) crusty, crunchy and melts in the mouth with every bite. All wrapped in paper that waits for excited fingers like mine anxious for that first taste.

Many countries have tried to copy this but I tell you they cannot beat the British Fish & Chips!

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