Fishing boat

in fish •  8 months ago

Primorye region's fishermen go out to sea every day. On fishing vessels, they cruise along the waters of the region, catching tons of seasonal fish.The pollock is the world's largest producer of cod in the cod family and the most common fish in the North Pacific. Catching pollock began in the USSR in the 1970s, when cod stocks declined and it was required to replace it. Therefore, in our country, the image of "fish for cats" was fixed behind the pollock. Its low cost and high prevalence also did their job.


Pollock is a strategically important target for the Russian economy (it accounts for more than a third of the catch). Most of the fish are exported. Abroad (in Germany, France and Great Britain) pollock is valued very highly and is used in large quantities. In Korea and Japan, this fish is a part of many national dishes.

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