Very Beautiful Cichlids Aquarium

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I visited a big aquarium and take a video of Chichlids.There were so much freshwater fish types in here.
When I watch them, I feel relieved.
Good time.

There are up to 1300 species of Ciba fish on Earth. Cichlids fish is the most popular among freshwater fish. The gibbon is cultivated as an aquarium fish in many countries of the world. The water is 29 degrees or more, which adversely affects the Cichlids fish. Dimensions vary from 2.5 cm to 1 m. The Cichlids fish has medium-sized oval, elongated shape.

Cichlids are live this lakes:

  1. Tanganyika in the lake
  2. Victoria is in the lake
  3. Malawi lake
  4. Edward lake

Types of Cichlids grown and looked at in the aquarium:

  1. Yellow Princess
  2. Ahli
  3. The Emperor's Cichlids
  4. Zebra Cichlids
  5. Dolphin Cichlids
  6. Tropheus
  7. Angel fish
  8. Discus
  9. Jewelry Cichlids
  10. Snow princess
  11. Iceman Cichlids
  12. Living rock Cichlids
  13. Kadango Cichlids
  14. The blue princess

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