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Before today I have never posted on steemit.

I have found links to interesting subjects that have been posted which include IT support, cryptocurrencies and other random tech articles.

I will admit that I'm quite lost and feel that I have nothing new to add to all the mix.

I'm glad to be hear and I guess I'll start posting intermittently about various topics or my day to day goings on.

Currently I plan to post about the following
  • PC games
  • 3D printing & design
  • Random DIY bs
  • Maybe some beer

I'll chuck some pictures up of my 3d printer - it's a tevo tarantula, currently the extruder is an E3D volcano, I have changed to an official BLtouch and glass bed for hopefully smoother printing. though it's currently still pulled apart after my foray into ABS printing.

a 3d printer made by TEVO which is the same model i started with
Tevo Tarantula 3d printer stock image

I currently get my filament from Aurarum & 3dfillies It's currently in pieces as i haven't fully setup the BLtouch as yet.

regarding games, I'm attempting to delve back into warframe with a couple mates along with playing PUBG (i'm pretty terrible before you ask). I used to play wow but I have managed to stop playing and further my career in doing so.

That' about it for my first post etc but I'll see how it goes. Have a good day!

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Welcome to Steemit, please consider using the "introduceyourself" tag to get a much bigger audience for such introductory posts!
I came here just by chance (I am going to post something about an actual raybot).