Hey! Nice to Meet You!

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Hey there! I'm Bethany (some people call me Bethanie.. they say I'm too spunky for my name to be spelled with a "y".. Don't ask why), I'm glad you stopped by! Allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I'm just a teenage girl from the north who met the south a few years ago. I am an aspiring poet and my biggest passions are singing, acting, and honoring God as I do those things. I am currently a Chick-fil-A employee and a student at a Classical school where my dad also teaches. I will be beginning my senior year the beginning of August. I hope to attend College of the Ozarks next fall.. however there's only a 10-12% acceptance rate for students whom do not live in the Ozarks, so if I don't get in I'll go to community college and then transfer to Liberty University (my OTHER first choice college-- yes that's correct.. I have two).
I'm new here on Steemit, but I've blogged on Wordpress a bit so this shouldn't be too different... Right?
I look forward to sharing my adventures (along with some other things here and there :)) with you!


Welcome Bethany, I hope you enjoy Steemit.

Thank you @illuminatus! I'm sure I will.

Nice to meet you Bethany. Welcome. Looking forward to learning from you.

You are going to like it here. You will find a lot of valuable content.

Thank you so much! I think I'm gonna like it here as well! @dveloper

Welcome to the community. Good luck on getting into your colleges of choice!