Hello Steemit! / Why am I doing this?

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Hello Steemit-Community,

My name is Mally and I love to take pictures and think about deep sh*t.

I first heard about Steemit during my travels in Peru. There was a really nice bread-selling guy who invited me. I got really fascinated from what he told me about this platform, so I checked it out.

Since I never really got into Instagram, even if many of my friends did, I wanted to find a platform that really gives benefit to the people. And I feel like Steemit does so.
I thought about what to post, but to be honest I just want to share some of my photograps and snaps that I captured during my journey. And together with the pictures I'm just gonna write whatever comes to my mind or what ever keeps me busy thinking at the time.

So that's what is gonna happen on this profile. Hope you gonna like it! (:

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Let's get this started!

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Nice click, awesome,and beautiful.....


Thanks! ((: