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So let me be the one to tell you this story.


You can or could hear this poem / post a random one, but one that's opinionated - and most likely trying to fool the north east Arkansasregion. Or .. without all the details. Then you or anyone else wouldn't give me the time of day to actually read my post or feel it... Because you would think you know me, or my end game.

I will do every one a favor by cutting to the chase and showing my support for economic freedom and in individuality!

You're welcome.

"Spitting fire like a dragon,
If you talking heat, don't bring your fire to my cabin. Girl, I know you're my main - but don't call me stallion. Trying out the lavish life- she want my wee wee , must sound like Italian. I want to believe you girl but I've been drinking bad intentions by the gallon. Yea I'm single - explanation to why I've be clowning. Got me figured out? I'm doubting.

Dripping with paint but I was never fouling. My ex calls me a dog - must of heard me growling. Remove the L now I'm growing. Speaking of.. growing so much that I see the vision and it's so clouded. Don't want me to be the talk of the town? Just down it.

Wow, white boy speaking truths and been to prison. Sad I have to mention that for you to give the white boy a listen - PO hate me, but only catch my faults when I'm high and dirty pissing. Be more than drugs - always been my mission. Cut my heart out girl.. I'll show you the last excision. Cut my ex out, can't you feel the tension?

White dude rhyming - ready for the world to change. My team been shooting targets, no shooting range. When it comes to girls; i shoot the strange. When it comes to yours - I pull out the fangs. I do some wild shit - request the silent treatment, you must think i am lame. Non speaking - I lost the baffle, wasn't worth the hassle - tweaking, I should build a castle, see you fakery- when did you start to wrestle?

Learning that honesty over shadows the game. Plain jane! Think im a sellout.. then why didnt I sell for fame? Such a shame - a dude blowing minds, but has no brain.

Wow so insane. The dudes rapping but doesn't care about the wood grain? Geezzzzz that's insane. Fucking the world up, let me see a mirror for me to point the blame. Long haired now , never fucked with rogain.

Speaking of my hair .. I just dread it. Heard your pussy ass friend got caught and is trying to Fed it. Been ordering drugs since I found a drug on Reddit. Born in Arkansas to regular folks .. now where's the credit?

Tripping like an edit, making my own life choices like "dude let's get it". Talking shit? Wow.. that's - rude, let's forget it. Forget the love that brought us together - can't fly with you, the stereotype about the feather.

Dated this chick that went by Heather. No I'm kidding - Heather got a gut, and unless they an 8 then I'm not getting with them.

Sexing this married bitch - says she really miss him. Then why would you kiss him? She says she needs a good paying job before she dismiss him.

I gave her that, live streaming with a chick - bargaining on how much money before she take the dick. Girl I don't miss.. timing running out like their is nothing on my wrist. I'm feeling bliss.

Thanks for listening an appreciating the game - I would use the word love but then she might think I'm tame. Flick the block, burn it quick - I'm the flame.

So brutally honest...

I hid these rap lyrics like I'm wearing these clear molds from the orthodontiort. I found my back-then swagger .. not watch me flaunt it ."


You need to do a "welcome to steemit" post. Like introducing yourself and picture and shit like that.

Thanks for the example. I just posted an introductory like post. Let me know what you think!

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