FirstBlood Partners With Yunbi For eSports Token Crowdsale

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Strategic partnership means hassle free buy-in to FirstBlood crowdsale on Yunbi

Hello everyone! It's me, @jasonmcz, and boy have I been working hard. I'm just coming up for a breath of air to make a really exciting announcement. The team and I here at FirstBlood have formed a strategic partnership with, the highly popular Chinese Ethereum exchange.

The goal of our partnership with Yunbi is to help Ethereum novices easily buy into our token crowdsale. Whether or not you've ever used an Ethereum wallet before, Yunbi will help you buy FirstBlood Token (1SŦ).

One of the defining features of our crowdsale is the all-important Power Hour (the first hour of the crowdsale), when 1SŦ will be available at a 70% discount. Thanks to Yunbi, buying in during this important hour will be completely hassle-free.

If you don't have Ether (ETH) already, you can deposit BTC or CNY to Yunbi and buy Ether there to prepare for the crowdsale. Yunbi has also committed to listing 1SŦ after the crowdsale.

If you're eager to meet some of our key team members, we have two upcoming meetups you can attend:

Upcoming Events

Ethereum HongKong meetup with Joe Zhou, @jasonmcz -- September 12th in Hongkong
[Check Details]

Ethereum Chicago meetup with Zack Coburn, our chief smart contract architect -- late September

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