First Blood Raises $5.5m in 10 Seconds...

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After staying up all night, I am not the only person to be unsuccessful in the First Blood Crowdsale. I have personally never seen anything like it, and with a level of certainty, this must be the quickest crowdfunded project of all time, across all sectors.

What is First Blood? Mini Extract from White Paper..

The suspense was palpable in the First Blood Slack group, waiting for Block 2327212 on the Ethereum Blockchain. Yunbi had already pre sold $3.9m, so everyone knew the fundraising was going to be fast. I still wasn't expecting to send my transaction as soon as Block 2327212 loaded, and not receive First Blood Tokens.

Interesting precedent to set in the Intial Coin Offering (ICO) space. It's becoming a crowded, competitive space..

For more reading, refer to these links..

White Paper

Congratulation to anyone who was successful in purchasing 1st Tokens, this Crowdsale is an ICO Flippers dream!!


This is insane! Man, I remember the Digix crowdsale and how I was amazed that it didn't even last a day. But this is really taking things to a new extreme. Congrats to those who were lucky enough to get in, but I don't like the precedent this sets. If this pattern continues, getting into ICOs will become tougher than grabbing a new iPhone on launch day without a pre-order.

Oh well, this is more positive news for the Ethereum ecosystem and next up we've got the SingularDTV ICO which should be quite interesting.

Pretty much anything with a network effect could have a crowd sale a replace and improve existing centralized service. Obviously, not all these platforms will be successful. However, setting up the funds in a DAO makes it transparent. Technically, the it can be set-up in such a way where funds get released when the DAO votes how and when. I believe First Blood was set-up this way and is quickly becoming the standard with many Etheruem based ICO's. Shits amazing if you ask me.

Yep, I expect we'll see a lot more ICOs to come as everything imaginable undergoes a wave of decentralization. I'm a big fan of DAOs myself, as long as the scope is kept well-defined and manageable. It's a shame The DAO was such a disaster as that may have tainted the general public's concept of DAOs for some time to come, but happy to see them still being used in other forms.


I was waiting on the last 11 block and clicked send from 2 different windows and still didn't make it on time.

I even doubled my gas.

Me too. I was waiting for 2 hours leading up to the commencement. Did everything I could, but was clearly just a few seconds late or unlucky.

You win some you lose some... I'm excited for Arcade City who came out last week with a tentitive Q4 ICO Launch Date.

That ICO could get crazy!!!

i will be standing by :)

I read about this a while back (here on SteemIt, I think) and sent to my stepson to investigate as an option....but he cannot stop playing League of Legends to even take a [email protected] ... so he missed the boat !! Just saying {grin}..Most of this is way over my head !!

It seems to run on some sort of electricity :)

Would have jumped in if I knew about it haha. I got in nice and early on the eBoost eSports tokens though. Might be a bit of a horse race hehe

You need to start keeping up on these sort of things! the Google or Amazon of the crypto world is about to spawn :)! Good luck!

I have the same issue, never really know which ones to invests in, also don't have the time to keep up with it all. I remember reading about ETH when it was just young and thinking to myself "This is a promising crypto" never bout it, 1 month later +1000% increase in price. Its all about timing and taking a chance.


I think Ethereum is all talk. I haven't seen anything that works that is based on it.

Very interesting; I'll let my nephew check it out for me and then I'll tell you the results here at steemit...

How did you know that "Yunbi had already presold $3.9 million"? Is there somewhere to see how much they have presold? Thanks!

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