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As the people are moving towards block chain technology and crypto currency . So people are moving towards different projects that are on the block chain technology . With the help of @Originalworks i will tell you about Firmo. Firmo is a great platform that will helps the user to create their own financial contacts with the help of derivatives also called as FirmoLang.These tool will play a major role in the financial industry.


The Firmo Protocol:

The firmo plate form is userful for the user , financial industries and exchanges . A user can easily trade his investment with the other parties through exchange that allows the smart programming FirmoLang.It has 3 steps which are given bellow:-

1:-Step 1 Target User / Group

The financial contracts are assigned to the user

2:-Custom /Pre-Set

A standardized code has to be chosen from the library .


After that the code has to be launched on the ethereum Block chain, so then it become a tokenize project.


CEO sharing some views about Firmo:-

Basic steps for investing :

Some other easy steps that has to be followed are:

Firmo Smart contract
Crypto Coins





Firmo is a great platform for those who want to keep their investment safe and secure. The main Target for the Firmo are the investor ,Exchange and the financial Sector. As people are moving to wards crypto .This would be a great opportunity for the financial institutions. Believe in the Firmo Team and invest with them and take it to success.

#Team Behind the Firmo:-
A great team with professional experience CEO will lead the Firmo towards success.



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