New FireFox Quantum Browser Release!

in #firefox6 years ago

The new Firefox Quantum Browser has reports of being SUPER FAST

It's being released to public tomorrow November 14th

It will have a new CSS engine

If you cant wait for the public release tomorrow, they have the beta version on their mozilla website at

I am very excited to try this out.. I like using Chrome now, but if this new Firefox browser does everything they say, I am absolutely willing to give it a try


0.78 GB is still way too much... My machine only has 3.5 GB of usable memory because the integrated video chip takes 512 MB. It doesn't take many minutes until Windows runs out of memory as base system already takes 1.2 GB of memory. I can't use swap memory because I/O subsystem in Windows 10 is so slow that I have to actually suspend programs once in a while for I/O to catch up with the other parts of the operating system.

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