Fire season - My place tonight

in fire •  5 months ago

It was just a matter of time, lots of places have been burning all round us but tonight it this was the spectacular flames to be found on neighboring properties.

Being the very end of winter the grass is so dry and the air is warmer that the flames leap 6 to 7 meters into the air.

Aside from the high flames the fire was also burning across a broad front.

The wind was not very strong and it had burned into an area of sand quarries we waited for a couple of hours but as yet it hasn't emerged from the sand quarries yet to were we can effectively put it out.

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wow crazy

And, as with many potentially disaster situations which we are confronted with each day, the silver lining inevitably or, invariably seeks a gap or, opportunity, through which to smile upon us once again and it arrived an hour and a half ago in the form of our notorious/infamous Highveld Thunderstorm. Sending our fearless Boerbulls running for cover, it shakes the heavens and quakes our little earth as if to remind us of our insignificance and our infirmities. But, at the same time, bringing new hope, cleansing the ghetto gutters from their ghoulish grime, and wiping away the slippery slime, one can almost sense the relief of the guilty, endearing them with just a little more time. But, not too far off, the heavens will shake, the earth shall reel, and those who are prepared, alone will feel, the comfort and relief of the renewed spring zeal.

Daman man this is crazy!

Stay safe.


creo que es una gran locura ..

It's a picture of tragedy...

Yet to my shame I am absolutely mesmerized. I cannot help but gaze at these photos, transfixed by the terrible beauty of fire.

Another wild fire or it started by some evil person. Better to get Rob than with that fire.

Yikes! Way to stand your ground!!

so many haters are burning when i start blogging.

It looks awesome 😎

These photographs look shocking. I hope everything is ok. Stephen


These photographs look
Shocking. I hope everything
Is ok. Stephen

                 - stephenkendal

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Damm good shot man !!

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Damn man this is crazy!

Ohooooo very sad news,Very close pictures,Hopefully everyone is save,this is very big fire,wildfire is a very big problem in every country,

It may seem like a beauty as the fire looks but at the same time it is so dangerous for you in case you managed to spread more!

Are you concerned about having to evacuate? I had to evacuate last summer due to a wildfire out of control and it’s a frightening experience.

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I hope the sand is ok ;)

mpressive your photographs seems that you took them a few inches from the fire :O

How close were you to this fire? Hope everyone is okay!!

this is so sad...........many wishes from greece a country that lost 100 souls due a big flame 40 days ago at mati and marathonas...........really feel sorry