There was a fire in a nearby housing tonight.

in fire •  8 months ago

The best photo I could take trying to keep Ninnu steady in a leash at the same time.

Reportedly one person died. I just heard a cry and a slam, but our neighbours who I met at the scene, and others told me they saw someone jump off the building and landing upon a car.

That's kind of shaking news.

In other news, we were picking these guys a bit earlier today with Vera and Ninnu:


We are going to make a nice mushroom sauce or pot soon. Ninnu also had a lot of fun as we let her run free in the woods while we were foraging.

I was meaning to make a stream on editing the photos I shot today, but I never had enough time. I was being interrupted all the time by everyone and frankly lost all interest in streaming (and editing) today.

Well, I might manage to upload a photo or two tonight if I am quick... (definitely not a promise!)

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RIP so sad to hear those stuff

That is terrifying news @gamer00, and I hope that you heard the news wrong and that all people made it OK. Praying.
I love picking mushrooms and love eating fresh picked, fried on the pan mushrooms with some onion and garlic.

According to that story one man died after jumping from a sixth story balcony.

Ohoooo its very sad news,one persone dead,May god gives them both peace and forgiveness,and very great efford you picked the ninnu,wonderful information of mushroom,Many benefits of mushroom,mushrooms contain varying degrees of protein and fibre. They also contain B vitamins as well as a powerful antioxidant,thanks for sharing,

That sounds really bad and hope there were not many severe injured people hope they are safe now. May he rest in Peace by the way .

Well looks kind of interesting with the Mushroom

Hope to get the other images tomorrow if possible :)

May the soul of the departed rest in peace. Shame to have such a tragedy.

In other news the forest trip sounds like a lot of fun though, especially for Ninnu

That is really sad to hear about the fire incidence.

Hi gamer. It is not a nice thing to happen and take it your area is kind of peaceful so it has shocked everyone. Not surprised you lost interest in editing photos.


Truth be said I lost the interest in editing a lot before the fire happened. Every time I tried sitting in front of the computer to edit, someone in our family interrupted me and wanted me to do something else entirely and I eventually got fed up trying.

Oh so sad😞😨 i hope all is well


Um... hilarious and a sad face?

Yes, the fire was ultimately a tragedy for those affected, but we on the other hand did have a pretty good day, not counting the fact I couldn't get much done in the photo side of things.


oops sorry auto correction error :(

Fire is very danger in human life . This is very sad news .

Once my work place got a fire and it was hard to manage it! Sorry to hear that news and it's better jump out of a window than trap into that fire! Coz it's a really hurtful thing, that I could learn while the fire breakout my work place!
Be relax and take your time to upload more photography!
RIP for who died there!


Omg...Definitely sad news to hear. RIP for died person. Hope now fire disaster solve. Ninnu also find fun for her walking. It's positive side of this blog.

It's bad fire incident who faced that situation. My deepest sadness to them. Peoples must need to be live with peace.

Its a sad news but after that you've enjoyed with ninnu.

So sad to hear the death of one person may God bless his family we dont know from which situation they might be going ... God bless them

Very sad to know that someone died in that fire i hope everyone nearby is safe

What a dramatic day!
I hope all has been sorted out properly!
And there was no real casualty.