MicroMoney is finally letting you instantly buy bitcoin with a debit card

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MicroMoney was established as a Microfinance institution that provides financial services to individuals and small enterprises. We are proud to be a financial industry adopting Fintech with the aim to bring people to the new global decentralized crypto economy. Now, we are launching our MicroMoney wallet for the processes of buying, selling, receiving, sending and exchanging your currency to cryptocurrency.

If you are a user of MicroMoney wallet, you are allowed to buy and sell Bitcoins through your debit card. Earlier, some Bitcoin exchanges let you buy Bitcoins through the use of credit card, bank transfer, wire transfer and now debit card. There are hundreds of companies out there available to buy Bitcoins but it is sure that not all companies are trustworthy or simple to use. We introduce you a wallet that is established to make the buying and selling process easily and instantly. We believe to have the reputation of being one of the top wallets to buy Bitcoins in the world. MicroMoney Wallet enables users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin, and let users (Android and iPhone) trade by following simple steps. Therefore, MicroMoney Wallet is such a reliable source for you.

Debit cards are considered to be one of the most basic bank cards and unnecessary costs can be avoided by using them in a right way. A debit card or a check card can be used for purchasing by linking with the checking account. It is safer and more convenient to make purchases in person or online than using cash and check. Debit cards make you easy to get cash and pay for the things and services without any inconvenience and to draw money out of your bank account. Debit cards are also handy to use. The money spent on purchasing will be deducted from your bank accounts. Thus, a debit card is just a tool to let you access your bank account from any location. These are the reasons why MicroMoney Wallet lets you buy Bitcoins with your debit card.

In the old days, bitcoin buyers had to buy coins by linking their bank accounts that was proved through two small deposits and waited for several days till Bitcoins were sent into their wallets. Today, there is an announcement that buying Bitcoins instantly through debit cards are now available in most of the exchanges and wallets. Debit cards are owned by everyone who has a bank account. If you are the one who doesn’t trust in credit system may find it interesting. For buying Bitcoins instantly on MicroMoney Wallet using debit cards, the followings are what you need to know. First of all, you have to register for an account on MicroMoney Wallet and provide complete information of your profile, address, passport, information of workplace and contact information. Next you have to go to card and bank setting and add on your debit card number. After opening your account with your email, under the wallet tab, you can check how much money you have in your debit card and the amount of cryptocurrency. MicroMoney wallet ensures your transaction history. In the wallet, you can choose options like send, buy, sell and receive. You can also make cryptocurrency exchanges. You are also provided Marketplace tab for connecting your business to customers. You can also buy AMM token. In general setting, there are setting to choose your time zone, and local currency, integration with cloud services and integration with third-party services. After doings all these followings provided, you can purchase Bitcoins instantly using your debit card. We hope that the information of Micromoney Wallet and the features are useful for widening your knowledge concerning the cryptocurrency and for creating a wallet of your own.

As there are many benefits of using debit cards, the number of consumers who rely on debit cards has increased. It is necessary for the debit card users to verify their identity before they make their first purchase. Therefore, it is believed that the trend is also about to take place in other countries around the globe.

As there are plenty of Bitcoin Wallet providers with different features. Therefore, we recommend you to choose wisely a wallet with high security.Micromoney Wallet  will let you instantly buy bitcoin with a debit card.jpg