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RE: Bitcoin and Oil: The Worst Investments or The Time to Buy?

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hi @nirmal

It's surely not time to buy into any assets. We're still on a way down. People and businesses will be selling any asset they have to get their hands on FIAT. Why? Because with current virus outbreak most businesses and people do not have enough income coming to pay for loans and morgages.

Any idea why spamminator blacklisted you?

Yours, Piotr


Yes absolutely right @crypto.piotr
Hoping for this coronavirus outbreak to stabilize first, so that no more lives are lost.
Maybe the market will start to stabilize gradually.
For now keeping my portfolio untouched.

And that blacklist thing maybe because I posted an article about YES BANK (an Indian Pvt Bank, which got into trouble recently, and its stocks fell). The post is from Digest (a weekly newsletter from Although I mentioned the source after the article, it was a copied post. :(