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Cryptocurrency market is rapidly developing. Almost 10 years have passed since Bitcoin was introduced. During this time, the modern economy has made a huge step forward, and the number of people using cryptocurrency has reached 6 million people. The main advantage when working with cryptocurrency is the direct interaction of traders. Making payments with P2P provides flexibility in conducting a transaction. Direct interaction in conjunction with work in a decentralized environment reliably protects user funds and creates more opportunities and options for conducting transactions. BQT platform creates comfortable conditions for users due to the availability of direct interaction between traders, including the exchange of experience and hedging of cryptocurrency.

Key features of BQT

BQT platform aims to create a new level community through a wide range of operations and provide users with a sustainable and safe ecosystem. BQT offers a convenient interface, various types of transactions and a large selection of cryptocurrency. Both a beginner and an experienced trader will be able to get additional profits quickly and with a minimum amount of commission.

Advantages of BQT

The safety of work and the safety of funds at BQT, as well as the availability of the project worldwide, are provided by blockchain technology underlying the service. BQT offers its users the best technologies, including work through API, settlements using smart contracts, P2P trading, a multi-currency wallet, etc. BQT also offers its own innovative development - Hedge Trades system. Unlike existing trading platforms, Hedge Trades is based on creating a flexible approach individually for each trader. The possibilities of a custom filter are endless - you can set cryptocurrency purchase by depositing existing cryptocurrency assets for the short term. The project’s artificial intelligence will ensure a comfortable work for each user. The total range of services is represented by P2P transactions, hedging operations, the possibility of direct coordination and confirmation of transactions, the exchange of experience and shares with other traders in general and individual chat, analysis and reporting for any given period. Commission for instant transactions is 1%, with a complex time interval - 3%. When registering at BQT, each user must undergo a mandatory KYC check. This is necessary to identify each user and protect traders from fraudsters. Each personal account is protected by an individual cipher, which is created automatically using a combination of random numbers. Also, each profile is additionally protected by 2FA configuration. A trader can easily communicate on a project using the built-in instant messenger or voice communication. Artificial intelligence has a high level of adaptation to any type of device. At the moment, the project’s web version is already configured, the mobile version is in development. In case of its absence for continuous trading, a trader can set the parameters for the chat bot, which will select the appropriate operations for the stated parameters.

BQT cryptocurrency

BQTX tokens are used to perform calculations within the project. 200 million tokens were allocated for sale, which is 57% of the total issue. The tokens is developed in accordance with the ERC-20 standard and are based on the Ethereum platform. The fixed price for one token is $0.28. The project’s crowdsale has already started and runs until December 18. The project’s bonus system is diverse as each investor can receive bonuses depending on the volume of cryptocurrency acquired and the time period.


Thus, BQT platform is a scalable ecosystem. Its work is aimed at creating the best conditions for the efficient operation of each trader. Comfortable interface, a wide range of services and profitable commissions of the project will allow to receive additional income for both experienced traders and beginners.

The investments attracted during the ICO are planned to be directed to the technical development of the project (45%) and the marketing campaign (35%). The development of the project began in March of this year and currently the main modules of the project are being finalized. By the middle of next year, the creators of the project will present the release of BQT Hedge Exchange version 2.0. By mid-2020, the platform will work in full functionality.



This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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