BlockPay — Live on Google Play — v.1.5.2

in fintech •  2 years ago

After a couple of weeks of development and hard work, we’re finally ready to introduce to all of you to our new version of the BlockPay app.

This version includes all of the updates from our recent security audit. We wrote an entirely new library to run the app, so basically it is all new core code. The lib is called graphenej if you would like to audit the open source code for yourself here.

Since most of the underlying code has been upgraded now, it kind of messed up the UI a bit, so we are making it look nicer over the next few days and will release that update as v1.5.2.

Check for yourself and Download BlockPay App v.1.5.2 o Google Play

For more information on BlockPay visit our website or for any inquiries send Chris or Rodrigo an e-mail at,

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Great news.
Will there be any solution available for apple iphone useres ?
Can I integrate blockpay in my woocommerce shop?


Unfortunately, our app is only available for Android users, but don't worry the iOS version is coming very soon ;)


Cool. I have checked the roadmap :-) Thank you.


You're welcome :-)

Always good to see your progress!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Thanks a lot for your support!

Thank you. Block pay.
I'm a Korean.
It is customary for Korea to bear the network fee for the shop owner.
At present, Block Pay is paying customers network fees.
We suggest that you set up a network commission for your shopper or customer to pay options.
Currently, the network fee charged by Korean shop owners is about 1%.
Korean store owners will accept a 0.5% Block Pay network fee.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion, we'll definitely take it into consideration!)

Congratulation to the BlockPay team


Thanks a lot, we're working really hard to bring the best product possible on the market.

Good job guys!


Thanks! It was a lot of hard work, but we did it and the app is finally live again.

An American merchant get paid $ 100 to bitcoin through Blockpay.
Does the shop owner get the dollar? Or bitcoin?


With BlockPay, the merchant has the full choice. He can choose the currency he wants to keep in the BlockPay setting screen. When you are a regular merchant you prefer Bitcoin. If you are curious about Crypto, you can keep the Bitcoin.

Cheers Christoph

Cool. I might have to check this out.