We are often asked we how we distinguish ourselves from Blockfolio service. Let’s analyze each service in details.

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Blockfolio is a popular mobile application for crypto-currency accounting for IOS and Android.

However, this service does not automatically transmit the information about transactions and the absence of web-version makes the manual data input inconvenient, especially with a large number of transactions and currencies.
Also, recently the users have been writing about service instability and frequent failures of the application.

Blockfolio is suitable only for personal use with a small number of currencies and transactions, but not for traders and cryptophones.


In addition to the application, FinTab service includes a web-version and has a number of key benefits. There is no need to entry all data manually. With the help of secure integration through the API, the service automatically transmits the history of trading on exchanges.

FinTab uses a more advanced system to calculate the profitability of your portfolio, taking into account the various commissions and transactions such as input, withdrawal, currency exchange, etc. Also the service allows you to create an unlimited number of portfolios with the ability to provide access to other users, which is a good solution for professional traders and crypto funds.

Detailed analysis in the comparative table of services for crypto-currency accounting.

We have implemented already a significant part of the functionality in the existing beta version . And this means that the release version will have no equivalent!

You still have a chance to buy FinTab tokens. Hurry up to take part in the ICO and multiply your investments!


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