How to get an IP address in Finland?

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Finland is the nation with one of the hardest languages in the world. It is also the nation of beautiful lakes and nature. If you dream of visiting the nation virtually, this article will give you information about how you can get an IP address in Finland. If you want to visit the nation yourself, visit the website or Finnair or SAS instead!

Finland has just as many inhabitants as Denmark (about 5,5 million), but in size it is much bigger. I mentioned the language in the introduction, but it is important to remember that Swedish also is an official language in the nation of hard-rock and of Nokia.

Why do I need an IP address in Finland?

Finland is one of the lucky nations in the world offering the services of Netflix to their inhabitants (unlike nations such as Germany, Italy and France). If you have a Netflix account in Finland and travel abroad you will find yourself unable to watch films and similar, because you need a Finnish IP to watch films in your Netflix account. The most popular TV channel in Finland is YLE and to watch their shows and programs you will often need an IP address in Finland as well. These might be the most common reasons, but you probably know why you are looking for a Finnish IP yourself.

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How to get a Finnish IP?

If you want to get an IP in Finland you will realize that there are several ways in which this can be arranged. If you do a search in Google and write proxy in Finland you will find quite some servers and addresses coming up, but these are absolutely unreliable, which can be very disturbing if you want to watch a film on Netflix or maybe watch some live event on YLE or on Katsomo. A better option is to use a VPN service. Currently, the VPN service giving you the best download speeds in Finland is IPVanish. Unfortunately, most other VPN services skip servers in Finland as they create their products, so if you decide to use some other VPN service, make sure to know that they have servers in Finland before making a subscription.

IPVanish only logs as you connect and disconnect from their servers, but they do not log your activity. If you are not satisfied they will grant you a full refund if you file your complaint within seven days.

Visit IPVanish website today and if you like what you see, make a subscription.

It is really easy to get a Finnish IP address like this, and I hope you will succeed and have a good time doing so. It is really useful to use a VPN, not only to bypass geo-blocks, but to secure your online activities, and to make sure nobody steal your confidential information or hack your devices as you surf the internet.

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