Winter holiday fun.

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This week we had our winter holiday. We took a few days skiing holiday in central Finland. We were so lucky with the weather. Nights were extremely cold with temperatures over -20 celsius but days were around -12 with clear skies and no wind. Perfect for some winter activities. Our daughter is finally old enough so that skiing is more than just a 20 minutes walk with skis and we were able to make some decent skiing trips.



When average day is: taking a hotel breakfast, taking a small skiing trip, having a quick lunch, going for a ice skating trip on lake and going for a sauna and spa, life is good. Add a nice dinner in a decent restaurant and life is perfect:)


City of Jyväskylä made these wide and long skating routes on the lake.


Take care


Hiihtolomaviikolle on kyllä osunut upeat kelit!✨👌🏽

niin on. hieman toi pakkanen aluksi pelotti, mutta tommonen -15 ei tunnu missään jos aurinko paistaa ja ei tuule.

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