Swing in Jyväskylä

in #finland3 years ago

We recently had our winter holiday near Jyväskylä which is a town in Central Finland. We were doing some ice skating on a lake close to centrum of the city and saw this nice surprise. This art piece named "Swinger" by Seppo Uuranmäki has been hanging there since 2002. All the boats coming to Jyväskylä have to come under this bridge.




Take care


That's a familiar sight from old hometown. It's a fun sculpture had to look twice the first time I saw it - I've gone few times under it on a boat, Looks like a great day

Same. I used to live in Jyväskylä as a kid and I thought that it was a real human

That's a really cool art piece! I've never heard of it before

Me neither, was so surprised when i googled it and heard its been there since 2002.

Wow, it looks very real. :O

I can imagine it swinging when there is more wind:)

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I almost got a heart attack when I saw this the first time! Don't know why I freaked out so much but I think I might have mistaken to see it hanging from neck or something, before taking a better look..

Yes, I can imagine this being different when it's bit more dark and there is wind etc :)

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