Red ice lantern.

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Looks like I have found my inner "old lady who likes to decorate their backyard". Few days ago I wrote about and now it was time to try something a bit more difficult. Its been a fun little project with my daughter and something I would have never done if I had no children. This one turned out to be much nicer than I thought.


I did a little research and it turned out my first thought of using watercolors would not work. Watercolors are too heavy and sink to the bottom of the bucket when you leave it outside for hours. What I heard is that different juices are best, especially beetroot. I had no beetroot home, but what I did find was my moms home made currant-raspberry juice. Please don't tel her, I know how much hard work went into making that. It worked perfectly.



Mom, if you happen to read this: Forgive me, it was for the science.

Take care


I would have been so pissed if someone used my homemade juice to color ice lanterns xD. But the lantern looks beautiful so the person would be forgiven.

Yeh :) I did take part by picking part of the berries.

Looks gorgeous, the red colour is aways a good choose with candles. 👌🏽 (I own only red candelabrums). Additionally I can imagine it is something fun to do with kids. 🤗

I also just learned using TEA makes for nice golden color.

I can imagine! I guess using tea will also give nice nuances in the colour. 🤔👌🏽

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