Vanilla - Finish The Story Contest , Week #64

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by @gaby-crb


I am woken up by the smell of coffee, wafting through the apartment. I stretch under the warm sheets and force myself to get up. I get dressed for work before following my nose into the kitchen.

My girlfriend is standing on her tiptoes. The bottom of her nightdress softly inching up her bare legs as she reaches into the cupboard for a mug. I reach past her and grab the one she had been struggling to grasp. She huffs and a sloppy grin spreads across my face. I’m not a tall person on average, but it has been entertaining having someone smaller around.

I take out a mug for myself and fill it to the brim with the pungent black liquid. I inhale deeply, savouring the warmth. A pang of guilt fills me as I take my first sip, I had promised my doctor I would cut down.

“I made you some lunch, it’s in the fridge, and I have a surprise for dinner.”

“Thank you.” I open the fridge and pull out the brightly coloured plastic box, my heart sinks slightly knowing its most likely a salad. Another recommendation from my Doctor. “What’s the surprise?” I ask knowing full well I won’t get a straight answer.

She laughs at me and hides behind her mug. “What time will you be home?”

I shrug. “Probably after seven, those roadworks are still there.” I finish my coffee and put the empty mug in the sink. I kiss my girlfriend goodbye and head out to work, regretting leaving her looking so seductive.

My drive to work is boring. I pass the workers as they are setting up their equipment and make a mental note of the time delay.

I get into work and say a few greetings to people I barely know. 5 years at the company and I hardly know anyone beyond my own department. After 2 meetings,1 completed report and many, many cups of coffee, I finally get to zone out on my lunch.

I take the lid off of my lunchbox, I was right to assume it was a salad. Everything has been neatly prepared, even the tomatoes are cut into little flowers. I can’t help but smile at the love and attention she’s given it. I text her.

Lunch is amazing love.

A smaller pot contains a mix of fruit along with a note reminding me to go for a walk. My Doctor suggested to do more exercise during the day, which is difficult when I’m chained to a desk for 8 hours. But I have thirty minutes left and a walk in the fresh spring air feels like a good idea.

I wrap up and set an alarm on my phone to warn me when I need to turn around. The street is quiet with only the occasional car hurtling past. I fall into a steady rhythm and concentrate on my breathing.

That’s when I see the blue lights flashing in the distance.


Must be the new ice cream parlor I heard the secretary talking about, good strategy for attracting attention, I'll get there, maybe I'll get something special for dinner tonight.

I walk and see the same shops as always, although few I have visited, thinking about it, I am an unsociable man, I lack the usual humor under normal circumstances, but I do not criticize myself for it, I think that's what pleases my girlfriend most, she on the contrary is sociable and affectionate, I am a lucky man.

I arrived at the ice-cream parlour, Vanilla is the name of the establishment, I suppose that each proposal has a touch of vanilla, I look at the giant menu stuck to the wall. There are a lot of people, the alarm sounds, I only have ten minutes to return, I take a public service ticket and return.

I get to work, I look for the secretary.

"Susan please, I need you to go to the ice cream parlor, Vanilla"

"Sir, do you know the new ice cream shop? Everything there is delicious!"

"Please buy three ice creams, two banana / chocolate with vanilla cream, special edition and the other one to your liking, it is for you." I give him the ticket.

"Thank you sir"

"When you get back, refrigerate them, and bring me a cup of coffee, please."

"Perfect, sir."

One thing I learned from my mother is that whenever I can I should share a little of what I have, and I have never liked to send my subordinates to personal matters unless I reward them for it.

I have a meeting with my colleagues to review and study the plans of the new housing complex, that'll take a long time. I'll try to finish as soon as possible.

I decide to leave, it is six o'clock in the afternoon. The secretary brings me the ice creams.
"Thank you, see you tomorrow."
"See you tomorrow."

I go to the parking lot, this vanilla smell reminds me of when I met my girlfriend, she soiled my shirt with her ice cream, she was so embarrassed that she blushed, then I tried the ice cream on my shirt and talked to her all night.

I'm in the car, I'm texting my girlfriend so she knows I'm on my way.

I open the door of the apartment, there are lighted candles and red petals forming a path to the room, I cheer up, I take off my jacket and tie, I leave the briefcase on the sofa, I see on the table a tray, I open it, it is my favorite vegetarian meatloaf, around petals of caramelized roses and a note that says:

"Today dessert comes first, I'm your rich surprise"

I take the ice creams with me, I open the door of the room, it is heard Haley Reinhart: Creep, and I contemplate in candlelight the naked body of my beautiful bride, now I will be the one who spills the ice cream on her.

The End
by @vida-blanca

In this opportunity the people of @bananafish through @gaby-crb offers us the opening of a romantic story and with multiple possibilities. Each week we are invited to immerse ourselves in a story, and complete it according to our imagination, experiences and desires.

I invite lovers of writing to give free rein to their imagination and talent by participating in this wonderful contest.

Thank you dear friends for the support, we are in contact.

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Wo ho ho... Somebody's got a cool surprise... Very good! 😊 😊

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yes indeed

I listened to Haley Reinhart: Creep rendition and I've got to say it was a refreshing take on a song that I used to love and sing all the time to.

I would love to have someone to spill ice cream on. Lucky dude!

Very good music, right!

I prefer cream but also vanilla icecream can do! You wrote an accurate and deliciously romantic story. I like the message of sharing the wealth with others.

Thank you for your words

I love this happy ending, everything is very well taken care of and each element fits naturally in its place, good job.

!giphy beautiful

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// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //
PS. I couldn't find you a suitable GIF (sorry!)

Thank you very much for commenting.

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