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Bananafish Denouement: Finish the Story Contest #40

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"It’s pronounced ker-nel - not co-lo-nol."

Haha. I thought that line was hilarious for some reason. Maybe it is because I always secretly pronounce it that way in my head. I know the line was not yours...but still.

I really enjoyed your addition to the story. With the somewhat silly visuals--the mountain of banana seeds, the lower cast acting in unison, the leisure caste etc-- and it's interesting representation of society--the elaborate caste system and disappearing dissenters-- It managed to make me feel like I was reading a comic strip or watching a cartoon written by Philip K. Dick. Good stuff.

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Philip K. of my favorite. His stories always had some social commentary. So thank you! I had great fun writing this bit. Best line for me was the last. Go workers :)