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RE: Skin Deep (Finish The Story #61 Entry)

Damn, the writing is getting better and better here. I blame it in part, on that squirrel. She offers up rich material that is more than a narrative. It's a meditation on values. An exploration of character. I'm holding my breath before I finesse the end I've had in mind for two days. There have been other matters to pull me away, but I see no end yet that goes where I would like to take it.
Yours is brilliant, but I don't think happy. Tragic. It's a dismal world where the only happy end is annihilation.
Your writing is extraordinary.


Yeah the openings have been so very good! I am sure that nutty squirrel will be pleased <3 she is a skilled author indeed, it has been really interesting reflecting on the way people have interpreted the values aspect of her opening, and even more interesting looking at how people have then interpreted their interpretation. I love a good opportunity for insight into the way people view the world.

I am very much looking forward to reading it in the morning!! I have this great image of you frantically skimming through the entries looking for potential elements of what you were planning to do and thankfully, relieved not to find any. I had a lot of ideas, but I went with this one cos I hoped it was less likely to be along the lines of someones idea who hadn't got round to writing it yet ;)

Thank you. A rainbows and sunshine story didn't feel right, and I haven't been in the place to write that. The more age catches me up, the more I feel like dying happy, being able to smile, surely is the best ending anyone could hope for? Although having someone to smile at it probably a bonus. I just feel like everyone has to die in the end, if nothing can last forever then regardless of what led up to it, the inevitable ending being a moment in which a person is happy is well, literally a happy ending. I get that happiness is subjective, and there will be people who would prefer to go out knowing they fought and suffered right until the end. Although yeah, not really the happier ending I first had in mind when I thought to pick up Bonnie

Rainbows did not feel right. I think you can see I went dark, also, but in a different way.

Your latest edition of tellastorytome has not been overlooked. I've been busy...writing a complicated blog on science, then @brisby's great story. All the while, battling a couple of physical issues that I refuse to stop me from doing what I want. However, they do slow me down :)
Your story next, and also another science blog I've been planning.
I'll have to start reading the entries in your contest. The prompt is rich. I especially like that you give us such latitude. I do love latitude :)
I'll see you around the bend, at tellastorytome :)

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