Olive study in ink and watercolors.

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One of my favorite things about living in Greece is being constantly surrounded by beautiful olive trees. Last year during olive picking season we collected olives from the trees in our neighborhood and made our first attempt at homemade olives...we did some plain with just salt and vinegar, and some with herbs like rosemary and thyme which also grow everywhere around here. This year I'll be sure to take pictures of the olive making process for anyone who might be interested in trying it themselves :)

For now, here's some olive inspired art. I've painted olive trees before, but these were my first attempts at close ups. The first was done with ink and watercolors on watercolor postcard paper, the second with ink and pencil. Both will be available as prints and other products in my Red Finch Designs RedBubble shop. I'm also loving making these little postcard sized paintings so much that I think I'm going to set up another online shop to sell original and custom postcard paintings, I would also be willing to sell custom postcard paintings for steem dollars as well :)








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impressive painting!
also, i live in Greece too! feel the same thing about olive trees!


thank you! the olive trees here are so beautiful, especially some of the really old ones!

I love postcard-size art! When I get the itch to do some, I work with fountain pens, but the size is fantastic. Big enough for detail, small enough to finish in one sitting. ❤️ Keep up the good work!


I love it to...this is my first time working with postcard paper, but I've done a bunch of 4x6 canvasses. Big pieces are fun, but I feel like they involve so much planning...you can be a bit more spontaneous and experimental when working on small pieces :)

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I am actually never really good with water colour, but you made the whole process look really easy and it is beautifully drawn and coloured!


Thank you! I'm new to it, but I find these little postcard sized papers are perfect for practice because you don't worry too much about messing one up. If you decide to give it a try I highly recommend them!


Yes I have done that before during a Japanese fair around my area. They had these little post card size art blocks with water colour palettes for you to play with. Obviously I am not entirely good at it and didn't know how to really control shading and colour haha.

I like your painting


thank you!

Your technique resembles the beautiful art that Asians create using "ink" made from discarde coffee beans.

Beautiful simplicity, indeed!




I'd love to see that, it sounds really interesting!

Awesome work. I love the moment you peel away the tape and see the nice crisp edges on the watercolour.


thank you! And yes, peeling off the tape is the most satisfying moment of watercolor painting!