Grimms’ Fairy Tales illustrations by Heinrich Lefler

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Hello dear Steemit Friends, today marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Heinrich Lefler, an Austrian painter, graphic artist and stage designer. Lefler studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and, from 1884, at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. In 1891 he became a member of the Society of Austrian Artists. 1900-1903 he was an assistant to Anton Brioschi, the head designer at the Vienna State Opera. Together with his brother-in-law Joseph Urban, Lefler was one of the most important artists of European Art Nouveau. Both artists often worked together and designed, for example, a calendar with motifs from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. These illustrations are my favorite from '' Grimms Märchen ''

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Look at how lovely he made the borders of his artworks. I wonder how he could make them with such precision and details... it's very hard for me to do, and back then they didn't have photocopy machine.


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed this post !