Chicago's "Father of Skyscrapers" – great Architect and Artist - Louis Sullivan

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Hello dear Steemit friends ! Today I would like to present you Louis Sullivan ( 1856 – 1924 ), US Architect and artist, the central figure of the Chicago School and a pioneer of modernism.

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Detail of the Carson Pirie Scott Building in Chicago, Illinois Image Source

In 1881 Sullivan became the partner in Chicago of the German-born Dankmar Adler, and the firm of Adler and Sullivan existed until 1895. Sullivan was in charge of design, while Adler handled other matters. The most important buildings of the firm are the Auditorium Building in Chicago, a complex including a 4000-seat theatre, and two outstanding early skyscrapers : the Wainwright Building in St Louis and the Guaranty Building in Buffalo.

sullivan 10 Kopie.jpg
Chicago Auditorium Building , Image Source

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Auditorium Theatre interior from the balcony. Sullivan's Auditorium was one of the earliest theaters to be both heated and air conditioned. This allowed it to function year round. Image Source

In his buildings Sullivan directly expressed the metal frame structure in strong, clear facades, but he was not an uncompromising functionalist, for he also introduced beautiful art nouveau ornament. Sullivan was a highly influential figure, and his pupils included Frank Lloyd Wright.

sullivan 4.jpg
Sullivan Center, Detail, Image Source

sullivan 12.jpg
Clay master patterns created within the building's unfinished interiors Image Source

sullivan 10.jpg
Guaranty Building, Detail Image Source

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