Poloniex has my Steem & hasn't given it to me in almost 24 hours

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Last night I sent my Steem from Bittrex to Poloniex no issues. Then I sent a test xfer of Steem Tokens from Steemit to Poloniex and it went through just fine. At this point I felt safe and sent the remainder of my Steem tokens (142.307) to Poloniex and it never showed up on the website but the transfer went through on Steemit and here are the screenshots to prove that it went through. I talked to a mod on Poloniex and he told me to submit a support ticket which I did but I have not heard back from them besides the normal "we received your ticket" emails. Has anyone else had this issue with making transfers to Poloniex? I'm starting to get a little worried about this money. I know 600$ isn't a ton of money but it's weird to me that I haven't heard anything back from them and my account on Poloniex has no trace of this transaction although it's sitting there in Poloniex's account. Just so everyone knows this is somewhat a repost, I just wanted to post it again because now quite some time has past with no solution. Also I have faith that this will get sorted out I just am curious if others have had this issue or know what might have happened.


this happens sometimes with poloniex, fastest way to resolve it is ask for help in the troll box

Thanks for the response Craig, like your videos by the way, keep up the great work! . I did talk to a mod in the troll box but it was a pretty hectic time so he just told me to write a support ticket which I did I just haven't heard back yet. Like I said I'm sure it will be fixed I was more just curious if this was an isolated incident or if it has happened to others as well and how was it resolved.

I guess its cause STEEM is worth more?

No the transfer itself never went into my poloniex account. I sent 142.307 and it's in poloniex's Steem account it just never went into my poloniex account and im not sure why

Have you tried contacting support? Should wait and give them at least 24-48 hours especially since it's the weekend.

did you use the correct memo?

Yea if you look at the memos they are correct and match

Just wanted to update. Poloniex has fixed the mistake and credited the funds into my poloniex account

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