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Hi I thought you would like to hear from one of the most switched on ladies that I love to listen to. She's called Lynette Zang and she is chief market analyst for ITM trading. I hope you like this and start following her on dare I mention it YouTube. Lol. We live in interesting days !!! It will certainly do us all no harm to be prepared.

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Thanks for the video. Right 0n.


My pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to watch it.

I think silver and gold may be ready to start moving up again. Here is an article I wrote breaking down some mining companies, the better of which should outperform the metals themselves by a wide margin.


Thanks for the reply. Very interesting read. I left you a post on the article and upvote it.


Glad you found it worth your time and thanks for the upvote!

Outstanding video! Very interesting that the cryptocurrencies market cap is now greater than that of silver! I was quite surprised. Thanks for sharing.


It s my pleasure. I think Lynette is one of the most switched on financially independent individuals that I love to listen to on you tube.