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Do you want to achieve financial independence? Of course you do.

Unfortunately, because most of us didn’t learn this in school or was not taught to us at home, we grew up to be financially uneducated. And do this..

You need to be financially smart. This means you need to spend less on your “wants” and funnel that income towards savings and investments.

Because as your savings increase, and your investments start to grow. They’ll eventually create money for you – money that will work for you.

It will create a self-sustaining cycle that will allow you to go out of the rat race, and be financially independent…

Interestingly, all this happens automatically. Yes, you don’t really have to do anything.

When you are financially smart… financial independence eventually comes.

Which means all the hard work is just at the beginning to change from being financially uneducated towards becoming financially smart.

And the first step, is to learn how to save and start investing in knowledge.

in order to have enough for needs and for savings & investments, we must learn to find means to increase our sources of income do not just rely on our job income which is often just enough for our needs.

At the start, we work doubly hard to increase our income not so we can afford our wants but so we can save and invest more. And eventually, by being a hardworking financially smart person, we eventually get out of the rat race.

"In a nutshell, the “Income” of rich people is used to buy more “Assets” to generate more money for “Needs” and “Wants”

Poor people’s “Income” is used to buy “Needs” ans “Wants” directly."

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This is me😊:

Poor people’s “Income” is used to buy “Needs” and “Wants” directly."

i like this post of yours the most! It is just sad that few Filipinos have read and upvoted this post.