What is The Alpha-Omega Solution for Personal Finance

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Debt can happen and will for most people, often repeating several times in one's lifetime. I know, it happened to me. It wasn't until determined to reprove myself to my dad who I felt I failed his expectations of me that I took real steps. It took one year, and as I did my taxes a year later suddenly I realized I had succeeded. I had my first ever "ah-ha" moment.

I decided I had to repeat it all another year, only this time I documented everything I was doing. As the second year came to an end I recognized a pattern which I named "the Alpha-Omega Advantage". Later changing the advantage part to the solution. I realized everything we do has a beginning and an end, even our lives. So why not our finances?

Now I use that motto to help others realize where they are, and focus on a goal (where they would like to go), and then setting real action steps in the middle to getting from one's current place to their destination. Check out my website at "www.alpha-omegasolutions.co"


The key to acheiving our dreams to realize where you are and where you want to be, then set four or five realistic and doable steps to getting there; then repeat.

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Very good and nice post, I like this post. @na722

Thank you, @na722.