Will 2023 be "difficult" than 2022? Faced with these 3 "live", you know?

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Before you know it, there are only a few months left in this year. I believe many people have many feelings. During this period of time, life has been very difficult. At the beginning of this year, many people were immersed in the joy of family reunion, and felt that the beginning was very good, and the next development will also turn a corner. But what people didn't expect was that a resurgence of the epidemic broke the peaceful life, and many areas were affected one after another.


This year is about to end, and some people pin their hopes on next year. Maybe next year everything will be better, but is this really the case? Everyone must pay attention, maybe next year, life will be more difficult, especially pay attention to these three aspects, it will be very worrying, what is the specific situation?

This year is full of twists and turns

Now, more than two years have passed since the outbreak of the epidemic, but people still have not completely eliminated the epidemic, and have even been forced into a life that coexists with the virus. This epidemic is the biggest challenge that mankind has encountered in recent years. On a global scale, almost all countries have been affected, economic development has been forced into difficulties, and even the pause button has to be pressed to fight the virus.

In order to ensure the safety of people's lives and solve the resistance to economic development, many countries have made great efforts in epidemic prevention and control, especially my country, which has taken many measures to deal with it, and only then can the epidemic be brought under control. Even so, the epidemic is still repeated in some areas, and everyone needs to maintain a high degree of vigilance and not relax.

In addition, at the beginning of this year, the relationship between individual countries dropped to a freezing point, which undoubtedly made things worse for the global economic market. Affected by this incident, an unprecedented energy crisis broke out in Europe, and the United States continued to raise interest rates in order to solve the domestic high inflation problem, which had a great impact on the global financial market, and my country's RMB continued to Devaluation, purchasing power is decreasing. At the same time, many people are out of work at home and without a source of income, while the cost of living continues to rise, putting more and more economic pressure on people.


Fortunately, there are only more than three months left in this year. Some people think that our hard days are over. Maybe after entering next year, everything will be bright and bright, but is this really the case? Will things turn out the way everyone hoped?

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