Hear From Sherry Peel Jackson How To Become Debt Free and Keep The IRS OUT Of Your Earnings!

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Sherry Peel Jackson’s six-week NO EXCUSES Elimination of Taxation & Debt Accumulation Frustration boot-camp starts on Thursday, September 14th. The class will run for three weeks, we will have a midterm project, so we won’t meet the fourth week, then we will go for an additional three weeks. She is going to teach people how to go from broke to thriving. She knows how to do it because she had to! If you are interested in being the first class to graduate from this boot-camp, register at www.WakeThePeople.com. The tuition is, of course, tax deductible!

If you are interested in being healthy and staying healthy, go to www.VicturusLibertas.com, and click the tab at the top labeled “VL’s Healthy Place”. The link on that page will take you to our Healthy Store! There are also instructions on our web page that tells you how to get the products wholesale.

Note: The CBD oil is called “Foundation” and “Baladerma”

Sherry’s Info:
Email: [email protected]
Skype: Esther88951

Website: www.VicturusLibertas.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnFxU-3nW6XAAQfHkOFMalA
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