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Though the blockchain technology is still in its growing phase and some people are yet to accept it's uniqueness and enjoys its immutability, digital assets are here to stay. Its transformation can already be seen in sectors that deemed it fit to tap from its potentials and solve underlying issues currently faced by the world at large. The blockchain has gotten rid of intermediaries when transacting, long wait time, and provided swift deals. Not to forget it's immutable, safe, digitized, modernized, transparent, decentralized service for transactions with proper records, time stamp, date without having to expose the identities of dealers and most importantly without the need of central authority.

Another aspect is that financial transactions are no longer reliant on trust or middlemen as they used to conventionally, before now financial transactions face a lot of downsides which includes; transaction chargeback, bounced check, waiting days to receive wire transfers sent abroad, intermediary agents who charge exorbitant fees to get the job done among so many others. The financial sector is not the only one with issues, electronic commerce, electronic sports, shipping, agriculture, etc. are not left out. With all that said, I'd love to discuss temtum with you today, as you know whenever I come across projects with great potentials I'll always share them on my blog for the reading pleasure of my readers.


The name ‘temtum’ symbolizes the combination of two of the main pillars in which the platform stands which are; the temporal blockchain ‘tem’ and quantum randomness ‘tum’. #temtum envisions to create a platform where the world at large adopts the use of digital assets not just as a cryptocurrency but as a world renowned currency. They see a future where digital assets are easily accessible and readily available for everyone's usage. The core mission of temtum is to deliver an enhanced experience in terms of speed, resource-use, energy costs, environmental impact, and true decentralization. The temporal blockchain is a new consensus protocol that allows local nodes to define themselves as temporal nodes in order to archive information in order to minimize storage space.

The Temporal system has been designed to ensure the integrity of the blockchain – making it possible for nodes to validate previous transactions without downloading and storing the entire blockchain. This data storage method allows low-power devices to fully participate in the temtum network and confirm transactions without requiring the resources demanded by traditional proof-of-work blockchain networks such as Bitcoin. The combination of the temtum Consensus Algorithm and Temporal technology allows the temtum network to deliver extremely high transaction throughput and short transaction confirmation times with low resource requirements


#temtum wallet is secure, it also ensures the safety of individuals & institutions funds alike. The wallet ensures privacy protection of a wide range of #dapps thereby making it impenetrable to access without the use of its keys. This also implies that the blockchain technology can be used as an opportunity to earn more money by making more business opportunities available in the near future protecting the data of users. The temtum wallet works in the same way as a bank account in two fundamental ways, it is both a repository for currencies and a mechanism for completing transactions. Each wallet uses temtum technology to make transactions with other wallets on the network. But it is also different from a conventional bank account in other ways. The wallet has the following functionalities;

❖ The wallet can be identified with only a username and/or wallet-address.
❖ Secured.
❖ Transactions will be confirmed within 12 seconds instead of waiting for days.
❖ All transaction is confirmed by a decentralized network.
❖ Easily Navigable.



#temtum token is the native token of its platform, It was created to be used as the customary mode payment for all transactions carried out on the platform to ensure added bonuses and discounted service charges users will have to hold and make use of the #tem tokens. To preserve the token value and token demand the team has a tactical protocol set in place, all unsold tokens will be burnt to reduce the total supply. No other token will ever be minted, mined or created.





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